DSO (EMS & Tactical) 

"The EMS & Tactical Track teaches teach the fundamentals of the specialty of pre- and out-of-hospital medicine and to prepare the resident for further education and development as an operational physician and/or medical director.  Secondarily, the FAST aims to expose trainees to multiple specialty aspects of operational medicine." 

- Accommodated Residents: 1-4

- Combination track? Yes (for discussion)

- Institutions: JHH, BWI, HCFD, US secret service, LIFELINE, MIEMSS

- Focus: EMS or Tactical EMdicine or Wilderness Medicine/Search & Rescue

Major Objectives

1. Understanding of the diagnosis and management of critical disease states in the pre-hospital and out-of-hospital environment

2. Understanding of EMS system design and the relationship of the EMS system to the overall emergency care system

3. Understand the differences as well as the strengths and weaknesses of both direct and in-direct medical direction

4. Unique opportunity to gain understanding through direct involvement of highly specialized aspects of pre-hospital medicine: Tactical EM, Wilderness Med, and Search & Rescue  


5. Opportunity to participate in direct medical direction through communication devices and direct observation of prehospital providers in the field. 

6. Opportunity to participate in in-direct medical direction through protocol development and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities (i.e. chart review, education, and review on consult tapes)

7. Understanding of local, state, and national EMS system development 

8. Understanding of the importance of prehospital research and have the opportunity to participate in either clinical or administrative research

Field Opportunities 

Field work ​

  • Public safety 9-1-1 EMS

  • Critical care inter-facility transport

  • Mass gathering medical support

  • Tactical operations (conditional)

Education & Teaching 


  • Core content EMS Conferences (Fellowship curriculum)

  • National EMS Medical Directors Course (NAEMSP)

  • Tactical medic recertification courses



  • EMT/Paramedic initial certification courses

  • EMT/Paramedic provider recertification courses

  • EMS Continuing Education seminars

  • Clinical precepting of operational medical personnel (i.e. ED or field environment)

Primary Research


  • Evidence based practices in EMS

  • Safety in the Critical Care Transport environment

  • Curriculum development in Tactical Medicine

  • Advances in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

  • Physician education in EMS

  • Mass gathering event medicine

Your Mentors 

Nelson Tang MD

Vice Chair for Operational Med

Director: ntang@jhmi.edu

Matthew Levy DO MSc

SMO Law Enforcement

Mail: levy@jhmi.edu

Asa Margolis MD MPHMS

Assistant Professor

Mail: amargol9@jhmi.edu

Michael Millin MD

Assoc. Director

Mail: mmillin2@jhmi.edu

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