Research (FAST)

"To provide trainees with both the fundamental tools and experiences required for launching a successful research career in academic emergency medicine." 

- Accommodated Residents: 3-4

- Combination track? Yes (for discussion)

- Institutions: JHH, JHU SOM, JHU SPH, JHU Applied Physics, JHU Malone Center and CBID

Major Objectives

1. Develop skills in research design and methodology. This will include the fundamentals of formulating focused research questions, and t­­­o acquire basic skills required for designing and conducting a study including, but not limited to, critical literature review, generation of testable hypotheses, study logistics, design and management of data bases, and fundamental data analysis, and preparation of budgets and grants (i.e. how to get funded for your research/project)

2. Gain supervised hands-on experience in the conduct of research. After designing a study, trainees will submit the application for conducting the investigation, and carry out all aspects of the study in close collaboration with the primary mentor. Training experience will include preparation of IRB application, oral and written presentation of the study to the ED research committee, preparation of the investigator site file, development of a data management strategy, enrollment of human subjects (as appropriate), and collection and analysis of data

3. Acquire a solid foundation in written and verbal communication required for success as a clinician researcher. Practical one-on-one mentorship will be provided in preparation of abstracts for local and national meetings, preparation of oral presentations for local and national meetings, and preparation of manuscripts and grants for extramural funding.

Core Requirement 

Residents complete a single investigator led research project: mentored by a faculty member and leader. Examples are:

  • Present key findings at a national or local meeting 

  • Prepare to submit at least one manuscript for publication 

Research Weekly Meet on Monday 

  • At least 1 meeting per month 

Journal Clubs 

  • Participate in selected specialty journal clubs and seminars throughout the institution.

Milestone checklist

Refer to the checklist on the right 

Ongoing Projects 

Ongoing Projects

  • Health services

  • ED overcrowding

  • Machine learning and clinical decision making   

  • Interface between ED and public health (e.g. substance abuse, violence)

  • Novel technology design and development

  • Global Health Research – South Africa, Uganda, India

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Infectious disease diagnosis and management

  • Clinical trials

Milestones Checklist 

  • Completion of a research design course*

  • Develop a research question with primary mentor

  • Attendance at 50% of Research Weekly Monday meetings*

  • Present research idea to Research Weekly Monday meeting

  • Develop a study budget

  • Identify a research study site and local stakeholders

  • Grant Writing Course *

  • Write research protocol

  • IRB submission

  • Develop data collection/management strategy

  • Completion of a research project

  • Complete Data Analysis Course*

  • Data Analysis

  • Presentation at Department of Emergency Medicine Research Day

  • Manuscript submission

  • Abstract presentation at a national meeting

  • Apply for an external grant (optional)

  • Manuscript publication (optional)

Your Mentors 

Richard Rothman MD PhD

Vice Chair of Research


Gabor Kelen MD



Scott Levin PhD

Assoc. Professor 


Jeremiah Hinson MDPhD

Direct of EM Research


Lauren Sauer MS

Director of Operations


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