Disaster & Austere Medicine

"The Disaster & Austere Medicine Track introduces residents to the specialty of disaster preparedness and response as well as to the practice of providing healthcare in an austere setting (post-disaster, wilderness medicine and global health)" 

- Accommodated Residents: 2

- Combination track? Yes (EMS, Tactical, Int.)

- Institutions: JHH, Bloomberg Public Health

Major Objectives

1. Participation in Disaster Planning Activities

2. Participation in Disaster Response Activities

3. Participation in Disaster Research Activities

4. Learning the skills to provide care in a resource-constrained setting

Operations Research Project

Ongoing Research and Publication Projects:

  1. Quality assessment in disaster response.

  2. Development of an emergency department triage tool for disaster surge.

  3. Disaster rapid assessment

  4. Volunteer disaster response management

Teaching Oppurtunities

Teaching Opportunities 

  • Possible leadership opportunities (Teaching Assistant) in the Wilderness Medicine Course.

  • Lectures in the Hopkins School of Medicine Disaster course

Organizational Projects

Potential organizational collaboration:

  • American Red Cross

  • Centers for Disease Control

National and international disasters

  • If an event occurs there is the potential to deploy into the field for assessment and intervention activities.

Your Mentors 

Christina Catlett MD

Assistant Director CEPAR

Director: ccatlett@jhmi.edu

Gabor Kelen MD


Mail: gkelen@jhmi.edu

Edbert Hsu MD

Associate Professor

Mail: ehsu1@jhmi.edu

Matthew Levy DO MSc

SMO Law Enforcement

Mail: levy@jhmi.edu

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