Medical Education

"Our goal is to develop knowledge and expertise in the essential areas of medical education, including administration of EM residency programs and undergraduate medical education programs as well as personal skill within curriculum development, program design and assessment, as well as personal development as an educator in varied styles.." 

- Accommodated Residents: 2 per director

- Combination track? Yes (for discussion)

- Institutions: JHH (Johns Hopkins Hospital)

Major Objectives

1. Learn the essential components of either residency or undergraduate medical education and administration. This will include regulatory guidelines, certification maintenance, as well as programmatic structural requirements.

2. Develop skill in curricular development, learning how to perform a needs assessment, as well as research, design, and implement a curricular advance into an educational program in the department. (UME, GME, APP, Faculty)

3. Develop an understanding of both programmatic (i.e. curricula above) and individual assessment (learner) and will participate in feedback sessions to learners engaged in an educational program in the department with one of its directors

4. Develop leadership skill to function an educational leader in the departmental program in which they are participating


5. Develop a diverse set of skills as an educator through the development of educational materials that can will delivered across varied settings.  (i.e. Large group didactic, small group case discussion)


Sim integration

  • Residents will develop an understanding of the usefulness of simulation and how it is best used as an educational tool.

  • Residents will practice using simulation as a form of evaluation to assess resident performance in the core competency areas.

  • Residents will assist in running 5 simulation cases under the supervision of a simulation expert

  • Residents will research, design and implement a curriculum into a part of the resident or medical student curriculum*

EBM Education 

Essentials of EBM

  • Residents will develop an understanding of what EMBE is and how it differs from EBM, as well as an understanding of what an evidence based practitioner looks like

  • Residents will develop an understanding of the principles of critical appraisal of the literature

  • Residents will develop the ability to successfully utilize the 5As of EBM to answer a single clinical question


  • Oppurtunities for Resident/MS lectures, small group direction and bedside teaching 

Research Projects


  • Evaluation of any new curriculum introduced, assessment of current knowledge/technical skills of current residents and needs assessment for new curricula. 

Ongoing Projects ​

  • Handoff Curriculum ( In progress: L. Bright)

  • Outcomes of discharge curriculum for interns (Starting: L. Regan)

  • Modified EBM Curriculum (Starting: N. Al Jalbout, J. Hinson, T. Busti, L. Regan)

  • Critically appraised topics for EBM Consult (Ongoing: T. Busti)

  • Outcomes of 3 vs 4 year program at JH (Ongoing: L. Regan)

Your Mentors 

Linda Regan MD

Program Director EM


Julianna Jung MD

Director of MS education 


Sharon Bord MD

Assistant Professor


Kamna Balhara MD, MA

Assistant Professor


Michael Ehmann MD, MPH MS

Assistant Program Director


Leah Bright DO

Assoc. Program Director


Logan Weygandt MD, MPH

Assistant Program Director


Julie Rice MD

Assistant Professor 


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