Palliative Care

"To obtain clinical and academic experience in palliative medicine and its application to emergency medicine." 

- Accommodated Residents: 1

- Combination track? Yes 

- Institutions: JHH, and division of palliative are at JHH

Major Objectives

1. Work clinically with Dr. Thomas Smith palliative medicine physician in consultation to the inpatient service as well as patients in the emergency department.  Assessment via feedback from Dr. Smith will be obtained on a quarterly basis

2. 1-2 Month rotation in the Palliative Care Inpatient Unit on the Palliative Care Team.

3. Resident will complete EPEC “Education in Palliative and End of Live Care” trainer conference via online completion or in person course at Northwestern in Chicago, and provide proof of completion.

4. Resident will complete Intro to Bioethics and Intro to Law and Ethics and submit proof of completion.  Participate in monthly ethics board committee meetings and provide proof of participation.  


5. Resident will complete away rotation with palliative care trained emergency medicine physician or comparable rotation and will present proof of completion.


Teaching Opportunities

  • In conference re: palliative care topics, as well as any opportunities that are available through the Center for Palliative Care

Elective Time 


  • London based rotation with a British Palliative Care Physician; inpatient at Chelsea Westminster Hospital

Primary Research


  • ED based referral program for palliative care; contact Dr. Leah Bright and Dr. Danielle Doberman for other opportunities

  • Community Outreach research

  • Ongoing projects with Palliative Care Research Team

Your Mentors 

Leah Bright DO

Assoc. Program Director


Danielle Doberman MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Palliative Med


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