"To develop a foundation in the specialty of medical toxicology in order to prepare the resident for a medical toxicology fellowship or a career in academic emergency medicine. The resident should gain experience in medical education and research project design and implementation within the field of toxicology" 

- Accommodated Residents: 2

- Combination track? Yes (Research and Edu)

- Institutions: JHH

Major Objectives

1. Develop proficiency in developing medical education programs focusing on topics in medical toxicology

2. Gain experience in design and implementation of a research project

3. Become familiar with the greater Medical Toxicology community

4. Gain proficiency in medical writing.  



Teaching Opportunities

  • Resident seminars (lectures, small groups) 

  • Web-based toxicology teaching modules (doing and creating) 

Elective Time 


  • Bench top research with William Clarke PhD

Primary Research


  • Chapter writing and revision for publications including Tintinalli, Goldfrank’sToxicologic Emergencies, UpToDate

  • Population based research with Bruce Anderson PharmD

Your Mentors 

Andrew Stolbach

Assoc. Professor 


Bruce Anderson PharmD 

Population Based Research

Mail: -

William Clarke PhD MBA

Director of Clinical Tox


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