"Furthermore, their dispositions are much more complex with the perils of an inpatient admission significant, and often overlooked. The goal of this FAST is to develop a better understand of geriatric syndromes, evaluation and treatment of these syndromes while practicing high value care with a consideration of the goals and personal priorities of older patients." 

- Accommodated Residents: 1

- Combination track? Pallaitve, Social EM, Admin and leadership 

- Institutions: JHBMC, Division of Gerentology

Major Objectives

1. The resident will be able to rapidly evaluate and identify geriatric syndromes

2. The resident will be able to coordinate and consider multidisciplinary discharge plans for complex geriatric patients, rather than default to inpatient admissions

3. The resident will be able to succinctly screen for polypharmacy and make medication changes in high risk geriatric patients

4. The resident will be able to conduct capacity evaluations of acutely and chronically cognitively impaired geriatric patients


5.  The resident will prescribe medications both in the ED and at discharge consistent with best practices in older patients 

6. The resident will be able to provide, compassionate care with reflection upon the goals of care of patients and their families within the context and consideration of prognosis in the acutely ill geriatric patient


Clinical Work

Clinical Opportunities

  • Residents will complete two weeks on the Medical Behavior Unit at Bayview working with geriatric psychiatrists and geriatricians in caring for and managing older patients with behaviors disturbances

  • Residents will work with geriatricians at Bayview medical center on the Geriatric Emergency Department Consult Service. Opportunity for inpatient geriatric consultation and co-management will also be available

  • The opportunity to participate in the evaluation of post-ED follow up of geriatric patients in the outpatient clinic or on house calls may also be arranged, if desired


Teaching Opportunities

  • Participate and lead clinical education sessions both at conferences within the Department of Emergency Medicine as well as the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Department of Aging 

  • Experience working with adult protective services and/or local court-appointment guardians through the Department of Aging

Primary Research


  • Writing opportunities may be available for both peer reviewed and society publications

Your Mentors 

Phillip D. Magidson, MD MPH 

Assistant Professor


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