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Welcome Applicants!

A few words

On behalf of all the Emergency Medicine residents at Johns Hopkins Hospital, we thank you for applying to our program!


We look forward to meeting you in person and we hope we can make your visit to Baltimore that much more enjoyable. 

Please feel free to peruse our homegrown residency website links above; keep reading below to learn more about what our residents want you to know about Johns Hopkins EM. 


We're happy to answer any questions when we meet! 

An Academic Program

Serving Baltimore's Diverse Communities

Emergency medicine residents at Johns Hopkins train at 3 different sites in the Greater Baltimore Area. Each lends its own unique learning environment, autonomy, patient load, and acuity to your residency experience.

Johns Hopkins Hospital 

"Complexity and High-Acuity"


The Johns Hopkins Hospital emergency department is a truly unique place to work. As a world-renowned hospital situated in one of the most underserved neighborhoods in Baltimore, we have the opportunity to serve both the local and global community with the talent and resources of a top-tier academic institution.


We care for adult and pediatric patients with an unparalleled acuity of illness and a variety of disease processes that require quick, nuanced decision-making. Our residents are given the opportunity and responsibility early on to manage large numbers of patients, while leading trauma and medical resuscitations and performing procedures.


At our primary site, you quickly become a member of the emergency department community.

Johns Hopkins Bayview 

"Ask us about the Major Room. Please"


Our hybrid community-academic site, Bayview Medical Center, provides our residents with the opportunity to care for a different  patient population. At Johns Hopkins Bayview, patients with classic, high-acuity bread-and-butter emergencies are the norm.  


Here, residents learn how to function autonomously in a high-acuity setting. A particular favorite shift of the Hopkins residents is the Major Room - an assignment where you are in charge of the sickest patients in the entire emergency department while taking all level 1 priority calls and trauma activations. With exceptional nurses by your side, you mature as a junior and senior resident to solve any and every critical situation.

Howard County General  

"A Classic Community Hospital"


Our residents spend time at Howard County General Hospital to learn the key nuances of running an emergency department in the community. Our residents triage patients from the waiting room, decide when someone needs consultation, and optimize critically-ill adult and pediatric patients for emergent transfers - all while primarily managing multiple patients.


Resident-Focused Education

One of the things that truly sets the Hopkins EM residency apart is its commitment to education. This is present in the curriculum as well as in the structure of the residency itself.



We continually innovate our simulation curriculum and focus on sessions to help each learner at their level. 



Our residents are also incredibly proud of our weekly conferences. These are frequently resident-led, consisting of both large and small group sessions. 


On shift Teaching

4th year "teaching shifts" and "medical minutes" with ample interactions between medical students and junior/senior residents



Unique Curriculum including EKG and Radiology interpretation, dedicated US blocks, Ophthalmology, burn management and more

Our People, Our Family

Our residency family extends beyond just our residents and attendings; it includes our residency coordinators, nursing staff and techs, non-clinical staff, and everyone we spend our days with.


Without Fail.

Our residents work hard to make our program a true community: we have class retreats, monthly switch nights, regular breakfasts together after night shifts, journal clubs, and an auxiliary club for residents and their significant others.

Charm City

Baltimore is a classic US city with a wealth of experiences for any kind of adventurer. We have major concerts and speakers in addition to outstanding local museums. We have a burgeoning food scene with a focus on local, small business and unique flavors. 

Non-exhaustive list of things to do in Balti

A snippet of things to do in Baltimore


  • Ridiculously good ice cream parlors

  • Greek town 

  • Post-overnight breakfast mimosas

  • Food trucks by the hospitals. Nuff said

  • Little Italy

  • Restaurant week 

  • The best crab cake "you've ever had"

  • Fells Point and its line of pubs


  • Amazing hike trails (30min away)

  • Always a pub event going on

  • Fantastic public parks 

  • The Ravens. The Orioles. The games

  • Easy city to find each other 

  • The Harbor walk 

  • Big underground music scene

  • Festivals: Book, art, food, death metal

  • Annual Crab Festival

  • Visit the neighborhoods


  • BWI (International airport, ETA 20min)

  • Washington DC ($8 Marc train, ETA 1hr)

  • Beaches/Ocean City (Car, ETA 1.5/3hrs)

  • Philly (Car, ETA 2hrs)

  • Shenandoah and more (Car, ETA 2hrs)

  • NYC ($8 bus, ETA 3.5hrs)

  • Chicago ($75 flight, ETA 3hrs)

  • Annapolis (Car, ETA 1hr)

  • Wilmington DE (Car, ETA 2hrs)

  • Roundtop/Liberty ski (Car, ETA 1.5hrs)

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