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Projects & Initiatives

2019-2020 Residency Health Humanities 


H3EM faculty have developed a year-long monthly health humanities curriculum. We are currently implementing and evaluating this multi-modal curriculum.

This year's curriculum combines lectures, small-group discussions, and field trips and uses literature and art to spark reflection and conversation on key elements of the health humanities as applied to emergency medicine. The curriculum is taught by H3EM faculty, with the participation of an interdisciplinary team of museum educators, peer recovery coaches, and patients. 


Medical Humanities

Pilot Series

During the 2018-2019 academic year, H3EM faculty piloted a well-received medical humanities curriculum with synchronous and asynchronous components. Residents used paintings, prose, poetry, and non-fiction to reflect upon and discuss ethics in disasters and resource-constrained environments, strategies to address personal burnout, the meaning of person-centered care, and the roles of artificial intelligence and machine-based learning in medicine.


Humanities Exposure in EM Resident Education: A Qualitative Study

This ongoing qualitative multi-site study examines the impact of humanities exposure amongst EM residents. We are also conducting a needs assessment of EM educators regarding desirability, barriers, and needs for health humanities curricula in resident education. 


HumanisEM Speaker Series

H3EM's biannual HumanisEM Speaker Series aims to highlight individuals whose work embodies, exemplifies, and emphasizes humanism in the practice of emergency medicine, and medicine at large.

The inaugural lecture of the HumanisEM Speaker Series was held on September 25, 2019. Please visit the Events page for more details. 


HumanisEM Creativity in Medicine Award

2019 was the inaugural year for the HumanisEM Creativity in Medicine Award.  Residents were asked to submit a work in any form that reflected their experiences in medicine, in residency, and in serving the city of Baltimore and its people. We are very proud of the talent, thoughtfulness, and humanism exemplified by their submissions. The winning entries of 2019 are featured here.


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